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Here are some of our upcoming events to the public! Don’t miss these great events… but most especially, get your tummies filled with some Taco Mama favorites! You won’t be disappointed.

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Invite Mama to Your Next Event

If you would like to book/invite our truck to your event as a vendor (guests will pay for their own meals), here’s how!

Simply copy and paste the following questions with your answers, and email them to us by clicking the button below! Mama makes it easy!!

We do have a minimum sales amount we need to meet to justify our participation, but we will do our best to support & participate with as many local events as we can.

  1. Where, when, and what is the event?
  2. Do you have a budget to guarantee sales?
  3. Is there a fee for us to attend the event? If yes, how much?
  4. How many guests do you expect, and how did you come to this amount?
  5. Is this the first time for this event?
  6. Will there be other food vendors at the event? If yes, how many and who?
  7. Is there a charge for the attendees to enter the event?
  8. What is your marketing plan? Social, Radio, etc.

*Please note that there are certain limitations that must be followed for food truck services.

  • The space is at least 28 feet long (roughly 3 parking spaces) and 13 feet high and 12 feet wide
  • No hanging tree limbs 
  • Must be a flat surface for parties, no inclines
  • *Limitations may apply for serving main meal from truck for guests
  • *Minimums and truck rental rate may vary based on event date, time and location.